Saturday, October 26, 2013

Intimidating Fear: (Unedited): 26 Oct 2013:

Effective intimidation causes your opponent to fear you before your arrival. 
The psychological effects of playing against a better team with better players can be very tough to overcome. You must not accept absolute defeat before the game even starts. To do so, lessens you and your quality of play.
Instead do these things. Practice perfection more. Improve your skills at all levels. Manage the threats presented before you. Be smart and play with honor and respect.
Force your better opponent to earn their victory. By doing so gains you respect and honor.
Do not allow any bad decisions tarnish their victory. Let it be pure.

By you pushing your opponent to be better. Your opponent will be pulling you to be better. Thus, both of you will mutually benefit from the actions of one another. Though you may lose the game. The great challenge you have faced , is in itself your victory.
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