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Scented Duct Tape Invention: (Unedited): 22 Oct 2013@2203HRS.:

It is never wise to reveal any potential invention idea to anyone. So, Don't tell anyone about this one. Keep it secret.

Guys are always doing stuff and sometimes that stuff really stinks. What can a guy do when he must attach one stinky thing with another awful smelling thing? This happens all of the time. If your a girlie type you already know it to be true. Just smell him after he has been outside doing something you would rather not know he was doing. Why do you think there are outside showers behind some homes?

The perfect Christmas gift for any smelly guy. Even your smelly guy.
   Febreze Duct Tape.

and the second part is the marketing.

Febreze Duct Tape Air Fresheners.
Just tear a piece off and stick it some where.
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Added on 29 June 2014: Corrected a mis-speelling. A commercial. 
Wanted to added a comment here. There have been over 70 readers of this Scented 
Duct Tape idea. I just find that odd. That was meant to be both a serious idea 
and a silly one.
I do think every woman should have free access to Febreze scented duct tape in 
all of those pretty flowery colors. Which would also, have the psychological effect
of irritating their smelly man to no end. Because, He would always know that she 
transgressed his Man cave zone of manliness. 
Can you imagine if you will the manly maleness squeakily walking down stairs into 
the darkened hole. Only to hesitate to a smelly fragrance that only an estrogen 
filled humanoid would find pleasant. He now knows and expresses dissatisfaction at 
her trespassing with guttural grunts. She smiles from her comfortable place of 
pleasantness and whispers to herself. He's such a man. 
He looks for the out of place odor with flaring nostrils. He marches towards the 
pretty tape like a predator on the hunt and makes several attempts to throw it into 
the trash can. Finally having success in throwing the scented duct tape away. He 
cheers at his own great success. She again whispers. Now, his trash can will smell 
good. Her total victory with febreze scented duct tape.
Added on 29 July 2014. Well, I have a new idea on this febreze duct tape thing. There
have been 120 views so far. So here it goes. 
Duct Tape Smoker
Adding a new real scent that men would love. Hickory smoke into duct tape. This is 
how you would do it. 
You will need a box of some size. Which should be fire proof and heat proof. Attache 
pipe from barbeque smoker grille to the return intake vent to an air conditioner. The
outlet side of the air-conditioner with cool air into the bottom of your smoker box.
Poke holes into top of box and a couple of smaller ones at the very bottom. The 
bottom holes is to insure that the box is completely filling with smoke. The cool
 incoming air should not harm the glue on the duct tape. but the hickory smoke 
should easily penetrate into every layer of the clothe material. How much time is 
needed? Have no idea. Maybe, over night. 
You may be able to forget about the Air-conditioning unit if you can keep the box 
temperature cool. Such as below warehouse summer temperatures. 100 or so degrees 
Fahrenheit. Do not use plastic piping as those smells will get into the duct tape
as well. 
leaving a fire burning over night and unattended is not a good idea either. So, 
your warned and be careful. Be safe and create something no one else has. 
Hickory smoked duct tape. This would even work with mesquite wood. 
Halloween is coming. So, in your smoker grille. Make a ring of charcoal which 
will go around a stainless steel bowl full of wood chips and a ton of very cheap
garlic powder. Well not really a ton. Then add hot boiling water and place inside
of your charcoal briquet ring. Warning. When walking with hot boiling water. Please
note if you spill onto your front pants. Your manliness may be harmed. So be careful
and extra safe. Throw some wood chips onto the coals and since the fire is going, put
some meat, bread, veggies and potatoes on the grill as well. Can't waste a flame now
can we? All of that smoke will travel down the metal pipe into your duct tape smoker
box. Remember, not to hot in there. Get a digital A/C thermometer and put it inside. 
You'll be high tech then. 
Additional warning. To much humidity within the smoke may/will cause your duct tape 
to wrinkle. So be extremely cautious when using the hot, boiling water method when 
adding the garlic scent to your anti neck sucking vampires. 

Musings of an American Truck Driver 
First published on Facebook @ 2144 Hours.
The scented Duct tape conspiracy 
Added on 07 Feb 2015: An invention idea which I won't ever be credited for. Is now on the market.
To date this is my second idea which I've given away. One because of legal theft and this one. In which I've posted. I wonder if they will use my T.V. commercial idea as well.  There are even a lot of you tube videos.
Guess how much money I have earned from this product or invention idea. Zero, zip, zilch, Nada. This is exactly why you should always keep all of your invention ideas secret. This also includes using any organizations such as those invention submission corporation you have seen on T.V., Read in magazines and heard on the radio, as well as those pesky pop up ads on the internet. All someone or anyone has to do is add a thing or alter the name or add a novel noise. Then walla. Your invention can easily be stolen by any of those organizations. My first idea was stolen because they wanted to charge me $25,000 to follow through. I didn't have $25. dollars. So I just filed it away and forgot about it. Then one day I saw it for sale in a major hardware store. With an added alarm on my security device. By adding that alarm they antiquated my invention. It was a very hard lesson to learn. But is was a valued lesson.
As with this invention idea. The word Febreze is not used anywhere I have found as of yet. By using any other scent. They can get away with the marketing of the idea for their own profit. Any person who is an idea making and creating person. Really needs to learn this lesson well or you will lose all of your invention rights. If your very poor like me. You of course will not be able to financially obtain a lawyer for a long drawn out court case.
Added on 29 July 2015: 
The intention of this posting of this content is just how easy it is to lose a good idea. Even if you think it is a silly one. I have children who are incredibly creative and wanted to use this as a lesson for them. It worked very well. better than I had imagined. Who would have thought this would become real and for sale at many retail stores.
My children are wiser because of this. I do hope the nearly 200 hundred readers of this blog have become wise as well. Because, I'm not the only one. I won't be remembered for this idea but Duck Tape will. Just as the legal thefts of inventions, authored stories and new technologies are stolen all of the time. Just research all of the high profile tech giants who sue each other for some kind of infringement. Did Bill Gates steal Software? Is Facebook a stolen idea of a broken promise created by a smart person. Will your ideas create another Bill Gates while your forgotten. Probably not, but your earned wealth from your original idea's should be yours.
Be careful.
Be cautious and secretive. Tell NO ONE.
Always advance your ideas 10 times. 
Always plan alternative variations.
Add widgets and various color schemes.
Research who would or could profit from your idea's. Then patent color schemes and possible shapes which would possibly take away a potential theft situation. Theft from authored stories is rampant. Many of the best movies were stolen from someone. Research that one.
The adding of widgets and color schemes may seem stupid to you. But, they may be important to someone else. The adding of widgets and various color schemes is for the protection of your idea's.
Obtaining more than a dozen patents for a single idea. This is protection. Is it a guarantee of absolute protection? NO. China steals everything and then manufactures all of it.
I have found hundreds of groups/people selling my published books in which I see no income. The digital versions are given away, in which I see no income. I set up the DRM so that people can share the digital content. It was a risk, but I wanted other people to share as they wanted.
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