Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Show Face 1 and 2: (Unedited): 22 Oct 2013:

1). Your peaceful, loving and merciful heart will brightly show on your face and in your Compassionate mannerisms. 
2). Your enraged, hateful and merciless heart will eventually permanently show upon your face and in your everyday angry mannerisms. 
Sometimes it is easy to see people for who they are. Just by looking at their face. From a distance you can observe people acting angrily, even when there is nothing to be angered about. When a person becomes older and nearing the end of their life. You can almost choose who has had a good life and those who were always angered in some way. All of their anger and hate has become permanently etched into their face. It is the same with those who spent their lives outwardly expressing love, compassion and kindness. What kind of face will they always show? I'm not talking about a forced facial response like you see from people who are paid to smile and to be gracious. This is a natural and automated physical response. Over time becomes a permanent feature upon your face. The condition of your heart will always translate into your face. If this scares you then I suppose you can pay for plastic surgery and the injection of poisons into your skin. Being nice maybe a little cheaper.

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