Monday, October 21, 2013

Disciplined Condition: (Unedited): 21 Oct 2013:

A disciplined tongue may only hide the rotten condition of ones heart and the lies contained within their mind.  
The contrary of this is 
A disciplined tongue conceals the true condition of ones heart and the truths contained within their mind. 
The condition of your heart is of supreme importance to you. Express love, compassion and mercy to all of your human brothers and sisters. All humans no matter where they are from or whom they were born are your brothers and sisters. Even if their position in life is far superior to you or far less. All are of your relation.

Exercise intense logical questioning of all things you think and believe you know as truth. Through prayer and meditation. Respectfully question all things and quietly wait for revealed truths. When the truths come and they do for those who believe. If there is a contradiction between what you have been taught as truths from your worlds rulers and what has been revealed to you through prayers and meditations. Continue to Strive for Love, Peace, Harmony and Life within you. Continue to reject all manor of Hate, War, Chaos and Death. 
The contrary of this is.
It would be difficult to tell which person is either. But, through their outward actions. The truth is seen. The history of their actions is the evidence of the condition of their heart. So it is with everyone. A persons whole actions of their life or their in action. Is the proof on who they are at heart.
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