Thursday, October 17, 2013

Which Are You: (Unedited): 17 Oct 2013:

Work in progress.

Which are you human or spirit being? Do you even believe in a spirit being?
You know you have only one physical body and only one life to exist within that human form. You will live for a finite period of time and then your physical body will cease to work. This can happen at any time. Whether it be by accident, on purpose, disease or just age. 
What if I told you that the living physical body is not the same one you were born with. Would you believe me?
You were once two parts, a living egg and a single living gamete. Which then grew into a living baby. Then that baby grew and evolved into a toddler, child, teen, young adult, older adult and then geriatric adult. Until, finally the human body just stops working. It is very interesting to see how life grows, develops and evolves. Including your individual body parts. Do you think that all of the body parts you have now are the exact same ones you were born with? No, they were not. Read this possible inaccurate list. I will correct as I discover more original sourced materials. If you know of the original source. This is just a partial list and is enough to prove a point.  Please message me. Thank you.
How old are your body parts?

INTESTINES:                  2-3 days.
TASTE BUDS:                10 days.
SKIN:                               2-4 weeks.
LUNGS:                           2-3 weeks.
RED BLOOD CELLS:     4 months.
LIVER:                             5 months.
NAILS:                             6-10 months.
HAIR:                               3-6 years.
BONES:                            10 years.
HEART:                             20 years
EYES:                                your current age.
BRAIN:                              your current age.
 Think about how you grew, developed and evolved into the person you are today. A million times a million things had to happen just to make the person who you are today. All of your education or the lack of. All of the good parenting you received or the lack of parenting. All of the good life style you chose or the bad lifestyles you still choose to live. All of your freedom, enslavement or imprisonment you have received. The healthy eating habits or all of the potato chips, dip and colas. The drugs, cigarettes and alcohol or clean living.
All of it made you who you are right now and if you decide right now, you can change who you are in just a few months or years. Just make those changes positive ones.
There are so many things about you and me which is always continually changing. But isn't there just a something of you which doesn't change? Your brain? No, it changes as well. Your eyes, No they change and become weaker.
How about a spirit, your spirit. Can your spirit be that part of you which is constant? Maybe, even your spirit is evolving. What about your identity? where does that unchanging part of you reside? In your heart? Your mind? Your spirit?
Which are you and where are you really? If your body is changing so much. How is it that you are you and not someone else entirely different? I am me and I reside within me, my spirit and my spirit resides within this human physical form. Until, such a time that this physical body expires. Then I shall still continue to be me and fully aware.
deleted comment. Where spirit resides.
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