Thursday, October 17, 2013

World Creation: Passive Participants: Unaware Sheep: Truth Revelation: (Unedited): 17 Oct 2013:

It is more important to create the world around you, then it is just to observe the world around you. 
There are people right now actively creating good worlds and evil worlds. The kind of world you passively observe may even be directed by other peoples (Medias) intentions and desires for you. You may not even be in control of what it is that you observe. If you do not like the world you see. Then actively change it. Hopefully you will choose to actively alter the world which surrounds you into something which is more positive and good.
A world which loves one another. 
A world which lives in peace. 
A world which exists in harmony.
Isn't that a much better world than one which is created by the ruling class and who call themselves leaders of their specific interest groups. All that they create is hate, war and chaos. Look at the world as it is now and tell me, my comments are not factual.
Reject the medias news by just turning it off. Reject the whole of the entertainment community. Reject all which promotes wrongful living. Reject all which hints that there is no sin which can be done. Reject the notion that if it is right for you then it is right and a right. Wrongful living is still wrong even if the politics, cultures, religions and governments proclaims it's lies and deceptions as a truth. 
Passive Participants: (Unedited): 17 Oct 2013:

Passive participants in life are the sheep to be steered in the direction of their owners decision. Which is usually to better feeding grounds and then onto slaughter. 
Unaware Sheep:  (Unedited): 17 Oct 2013:
It is easier to steer the unaware fat and happy sheep to slaughter, then it is just to make them understand where it is they are going.
Truth Revelation: (Unedited): 17 Oct 2013: 
Revelation of truth empowers the soul into necessary action. 
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