Thursday, October 17, 2013

World Puzzle: (Unedited): 16 Oct 2013:

work in progress
Every puzzle piece of the whole world is different. So, to is the intentional plans of those men who plan to rule all. When you look to the specific problems of each continent, each country and each group of people. You will notice subtle differences. These differences are intentional. These differences are planned placements. So that those men who desire to rule all. Can learn in a systematic Parallel fashion as opposed to how we all learn serially. By learning how to do many things all at once. Speeds up and shortens the learning curve.
Together they joined in their plans to take everything. From their own lands will they learn the specific lessons in how to control the common people. In the time of the joining of organization. One person will rule all.
The leader of a country causes the people to believe he and his family are gods.
The leaders of another country merges communism with capitalism along with the controlled mindset of the people.
The leaders of another country merges capitalism with communism along with nationalistic pride.
The leaders of another country learns how to observe, monitor and discover every aspect of every person.
The leaders of another country learns how to chemically control their population through the foods and drinks.
The leaders of another country learns how to evolve and DE-evolve human beings. Through immediate genetic alterations and a hastening of evolution. The stopping of evolution at certain prescribed points.  Shortening life spans in undesirable groups of people while extending life spans in the accepted groups of people.
The leaders of another country create machines in which they absolutely control. These autonomous machines will obey without regard to law, morality or any question of right or wrong. Because, man cannot be trusted to absolutely obey every order which is told to him.  

There are more and the eventuality of the splitting up of the human race into three possible distinct groups. Then the eventual development of a genetically superior group. That is after all what it is all about the ultimate in selfishness. The ultimate in how to accumulate all for yourself.

All of these things which are occurring now. Are just individual unrelated puzzle pieces in which no one is aware. Everyone just thinks their country and their leaders are doing this odd thing which is unrelated to any other. This is just like when you pour out a box of puzzle pieces onto the table. In the beginning all of the pieces appear to be unrelated, even though you already know all of the pieces will form a  singular picture. That singular picture is of a created design by those who wish to rule everything. You or I do not know what that picture is. But, It is a picture and those rulers will ensure that every piece to their created puzzle will fit into their proper and planned place. Once the picture is realized by everyone else. It will be assumed to be to late to change, stop or prevent it's eventuality. This may be very true.

Those leaders of those countries which are not in the elite accepted group are destined to be their defined evil enemies in perfect warfare. When all countries of the world come together into a singular united political front. There will only be one correct political thought. If you do not absolutely agree in action and by words. Then you and your family will no longer have any place in any decision making capacity, governing process or actions of control.
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