Friday, October 4, 2013

Meek World: (Unedited): 04 Oct 2013:

The truth and understanding of ancient prophecies revealed to late, will not prevent your predicted demise from occurring. C.J.MacKechnie
 This world has become a sick and demented place? or has it always been so?

The secret truth is just now being revealed to everyone and no one really cares. As it was in the days of Noah...

All of those who apparently are in positions of power and authority have been lying and deceiving all of us. Now it may just be too late for you the common person to do anything. Except to repent, pray and meditate upon GOD. It is not enough to just repent and continue on living as you desire or as the whole of the world expects of you. You must repent and flee from all sin. Pray and meditate always. This is essentially the red river of redemption or the sacred path along the red road (as i currently understand it).


I have studied prophecies since the mid eighties, for you young-lings that's about 1985.  It has always been known that the Holy Bible has been sealed up until the end. Tonight, I believe the Holy Bible and all of the ancient understandings associated with it and other historical documents and places is now fully open and understandable to all persons who seek to know. The lies and deceptions we all live under is nearly of totality. So much so, that when the truth of the way things truly are is openly revealed, it is not believed. Even if the truth is revealed by an embodied evil person. This may only be evident that it is just to late. In the grand scheme of things and how time revolves around the cog wheel of the universe. We can only perceive our individual part in it all. That part is very small. 
As it was in the time of Noah so it shall be. Which means the angels are about to walk amongst us or has already been doing so and that to shall be openly revealed soon. (The definition of soon may take another 40 years or 40 years from 2008, who knows.)  No one shall know the coming of the son of man. You have heard that phrased in many different ways. Do you know why it is? It is related to the laws of prophecy. If any prophet puts forth their words of things to come and they be pleasant or unpleasant. Then those who hear or read those words with knowledge and understanding. Has to choose the path which suits them best. Once those decisions are made and actions are taken. The words of prophecy spoken or written by the prophets can be made to manifest or absolutely prevented. Either way it is both your choice and our collective choices to make the prophecy happen or to prevent it. Until, that time no one can know except for GOD himself. For me personally I would like to See the coming of the Son of God. Just not when HE is angry.
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