Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recognized Beauty: (Unedited): 08 Oct 2013:

The beauty seen with your own eyes. 
The beauty heard with your own ears. 
The beauty you perceive. 
Is all recognized as such by your own beautiful heart. 
 Exercise of your heart is necessary to condition it to witness the beauty which surrounds you always. Always, Know that your ears always hear and your eyes always sees. So, if you do not see the beauty which always surrounds you. Your heart is ailing and sick. Begin to pray and meditate. Begin to expel apathy from your heart and mind. Begin to care for things outside of you and begin to see the flowering weed for the enduring strength of beauty that it truly is.
Know that everyone may have tried to extinguish your beauty from this existence. Always, know your beauty is not dead and gone. It is merely hiding awaiting for you to become a rekindled phoenix. A true fiery flower of UN-extinguishable beauty. Be bold and brave beautiful soul.
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