Saturday, November 23, 2013

Diverging Humanity: (Unedited): 23 Nov 2013:

The divergence of the human species shall come through on going chemical and genetic alterations.  
The selected and chosen will only need  to take a pill or receive an injection. Gradual genetic manipulation will occur over time for the selected and chosen. Their new genetic code will be transferred to their offspring. All manor of abilities will be given and inherited.
To be given an injection or to swallow a pill. Thus, your physical being nearly instantly becomes more than it was before. Your state of being and your psychology remains intact. That is until your pride and ego becomes magnified. There shall be a step up program which may be called something differently. This program allows a person to ease into the changes to their own human body. To gain controls over their physically altered mind states and improved ways of thinking. Once the individual is stabilized. Then the next step in their altered evolution is progressed. For instance a slowed aging process and life longevity can be altered to stop and reverse the aging process as well as having a limitless life span. This will be only the beginning. All aspects of the development of those illusive 6th senses will be simply turned on. They all will have the intelligence's vastly greater than Albert Einstein. They all will have the physical speed, strength, coordination and endurance greater than any and all of the professional athletes combined today. They all shall be much taller and have trademark physically visible characteristics.

Like wise, Without any awareness or suspicion of those who are not in the accepted class. Will also be given genetically modified foods and drugs which will stagnate and limit natural evolution. These foods and drugs will also limit growth and development in their current life time. Which means no one will even achieve their unique human potential. Each non-selected person will become limited in intellect, strength, endurance, life expectancy(lowered) and creativity.  They to will pass on these new traits to their offspring. The will become biological robots.
The life of a lower human will be one of indentured servitude to the greater human species. The lower human species will only want to do as they do and will never seek for more than they have as their desires for anything better will be curtailed. The lower human species shall not live greater than 30-40 years of age.


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