Monday, November 11, 2013

Evil Goals: (Unedited): 10 Nov 2013:

The collection of evil doers who have found their tolerance for one another through mutual unity via common goals. Will self destruct when their mutual goals are achieved. In that time all will become lost including what has been. 
What does this mean. The enemies of the USA have formed their own private union. Creating a secret majority. They have for the last 40 plus years. Attained government offices at every level. To create effective change into a new form of socialized communistic government. Where as only the selected chosen will have everything, while everyone else will receive nothing. In the beginning it will be revengeful punishment for apparent misdeeds. In the end all will become lost. As their individual godless and evil hearts will lead them towards absolute ruination. That ruination will mean an absolute loss of everything including identity.
The time frame from their goals achieved to absolute ruination may take 40 years. 
The good and righteous people have done nothing for their country to remain intact. They have not pursued office at any level and thus is one reason why they have lost their country. It is already lost. It may even be to late to re-gain their country back. All good and righteous people must run and win elected office at every level of government and then actively turn back the clocks towards freedom with responsibility.
This is prophecy of what is to come and what shall come after. The evil doers will see their short time of joyous peace. Then as Bible Prophecy dictates. 5+ Billion people on this planet will die and if it were not for the intervention of GOD to save His chosen elect. Human Extinction will occur.

In order for the One World Government to rise to importance. The USA must be severely diminished or is no more. As well as Russia and China. To what degree for them uncertain. Although I have written about the importance of China.
The point of all bad and sad prophecies is to avert them all before hand. If they cannot be averted, then mitigation and management is necessarily planned before hand.

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