Monday, November 11, 2013

Tolerant Unification: (Unedited): 10 Nov 2013:

Being tolerant of other peoples lifestyles. Will not perpetuate any kind of agreed upon unification. 
Some belief systems cannot exist with some others or with any other. Just because you have an agreed upon unification based on a common goal or a common enemy. Does not and will not mean there will be any permanence or even peace. 
The chaos will begin for the weaker and poorly trained evil doers. The greater evil of them will thirst for more like a great beast who smells and feels it's next prey. The greater evil must always seek out the next.

There are lifestyles and belief systems which are not conducive to life or even a life worth living. Those lifestyles and belief systems are purely against GOD will and laws for us to live by. So, that we all may perpetuate life equally everywhere in the heavens.
That which is from GOD must agree with this basic formula.
Life = Love + Peace + Harmony+ Law
That which is from evil will mimic the above formula while mixing in elements of the formula for life. the end result will still be the formula for death. The formula for death is:
Death = Hate + War + Chaos + Lawlessness
 Any person, group, religion, country who teaches that you should Hate, war and to cause chaos and death is not of the GOD in which you think you believe. It matters not what they point to in you holy documents. If what they say is in agreement with the formula for life in it's entirety. Then they are speaking for GOD. If what they say is in agreement with the formula for death, even if they mix in the elements of the formula for life. Then they are evil. It is really that simple. Just think about it and think about the words of your chosen leader. Which formula dose he speak from? Even if you think he speaks from the formula of life and he adds elements of hate and going off to war. Then he/she has transformed that formula of life into a formula of death. Think about this in relation to your cultural leaders, religious leaders and political leaders. If the purity of their message is questionable, then they are self serving at the expense of you and their other followers. Think about that the next time you point a gun at your brother who has been taught to you to be your enemy.
A righteous and holy people cannot be tolerant and accepting of any belief system or chosen lifestyle and still maintain any harmony or peace. It doesn't matter how much you love them. The end result from their contamination is their disease of progressive-ism. Which by your acceptance and by your tolerance. Will cause your young people to stray away from a righteous and holy path. To leave that righteous and holy path will first lead to the extinction of their family name. Then the disease continues on until all is dead. All is dead may take several generations for death to happen. But, it will. 
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