Monday, November 11, 2013

Evil followers: (Unedited): 10 Nov 2013:

The united evil doers will send their followers into your churches to ensure your church leaders are not teaching or identifying sin. C.J.MacKechnie
A time will come when the evil doers who know that they have consolidated all control and authority. Who know that the changes in all laws now favor them. They will then begin their punishment of the now Minority of Christians.
The evil doers will send forth their followers into churches to pretend to be Christians or desire to know how to become a christian follower. That shall not be their intention. Their intention is to gather intelligence on what is going on inside of the churches. Then relay that information into a centralized place. You must always gather and collect all manor of intelligence on your enemy. Including names and addresses.

Then those churches who are actively teaching anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti what ever is popular and yet a sin. Those churches will be attacked as has been before.
It is your duty to ascertain the authenticity of each video.
The church body must protect itself from these criminal elements now deemed as a free speech right.
Security plans must be put into place. All persons gaining entry should be know. Such as simple questionnaire for identification purposes for new guests. This can be done in a simple welcoming room. In which digital security cameras with audio can be used discretely.
A preselected seating place can be put into place. With key personnel sitting in and around them. To create a wall of protection in case they turn out to be a bad element.

You each know Bible prophecy and it is up to each of you to protect your church goers.
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