Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Living Righteous: (Unedited): 11 Nov 2013:

Living a righteous lifestyle. Which is free of sin. Reinvigorates an exhausted and weary soul. 
There is something peaceful and calming about living a righteous lifestyle. You actually have greater freedoms than if you followed the lies and deception of living however you decide is right for you. That line of so called rationale thinking is absolutely delusional.
I would suppose in the beginning it would seem very fun and very thrilling to live any manor of lifestyle you choose free of any guilt. That sort of living free just introduces every manor of misery and loneliness. Which of course leads to thoughts and depression of wasting your entire life. A life consumed with absolute selfishness becomes devoid of love. A life where you only endeavor to live how ever you desire. Is a life with out a profound purpose or meaning.
 The righteous lifestyle is the purest form of living where you are love, peace, harmony all merge together to become your life with profound meaning and purpose. From this lifestyle brings forth a level of joy and happiness that others who live any alternative lifestyle will find alien and crazy to them.
Looks like my above comments is full of quotes.
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