Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holy Land: (Unedited): 04 Nov 2013:

When enough time has elapsed. All land becomes sacred and holy. Even if all has been forgotten to the sands of time. 
This isn't entirely true and is meant to create more deeper thought in the reader. If you are a believer in a GOD. Then you know of the stories of how GOD/ALLAH created all things and Earth. So therefore all things and the Earth are sacred and holy. You may even know that GOD walked on the Earth. So, again the whole of the Earth is sacred and holy.
History is important to us all. Even if I do not consider your ethnic or cultural origins important or you of mine. It is important. Those lost and extinct peoples of our collective history should be respected, honored and understood. They had their sacred and holy lands. Those very same lands you may play golf on now or which may rise a great and tall city. You know not of that lands former importance to the ancestors that once were. Maybe, you do know. But, a new Country or a new religion has devalued and refused any and all claims you may think you have.
Regardless of who thinks they can own a thing which they cannot. It is still a holy place, a holy land, a place of importance.
Even as the land rises and falls above and below the oceans swell. Those land too remain Sacred and holy. Sacred and holy Land does not end simply because it has gotten wet.

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