Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grocery Stores Vision: (Unedited): 04 Nov 2013

While those who are standing in their perspective lines buying their groceries as is typical with any other day or night. Suddenly a mean/angry looking person rushes in and grabs a cart. He is obvious to everyone. He goes in his chosen direction towards the produce area and disappears. Then a minute later another man comes rushing into the store and does as the one before him. The others who come after are not so determined but with a hastened purpose. Quickly they begin to come into the store. The first man rushes out with a cart full of food. Without paying or even concealing his actions. End of vision. C.J.MacKechnie
Vision Observations
 It was evident in the vision that those who were rushing into the store, knew something that the other people did not. There may have been some kind of immediate event. In which those persons who are in the knowing. Knows that there is only 3 days of food on the grocery store shelves during normal operation. So, they took advantage of the situation for what ever reason was in their minds. Whether it be survival, greed or both.

These knowing people also, know that the bad people will begin to exert their local control over those who they deem weak. The government says this time begins at about 100 hours. The government predicts that is when the bad people realize there is no law enforcement available.  This will probably not be true. As the local, county, state and federal government law enforcement have been rushed to any place where gun violence has been. This is by simple observation. There will be minimal law enforcement protection amongst a near helpless community of innocent people.

This vision took place last night at the Winn Dixie store in New Port Richey, Fl. on Hwy 54./ Madison ave. 
I was with my son buying distilled water when the vision began. The vision ends as we are headed towards the left entrance/exit automated door. Which is the door I saw the people enter.

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