Thursday, December 5, 2013

Empathic World Changers: (Unedited): 05 Dec 2013:

Work in Progress

The empath who exudes love, peace and harmony does more good in the world than the psychic who is always focused on their shields up approach. 
Think about this for a moment. Every human Being is empathic to a certain degree. Even those who outwardly reject and deny it.  Which is better for the healing of this world? Those who outwardly express love, peace and harmony? or those who have embraced their self defined psychic gifts or powers and walk around with their auric shield up at full power?
I have gone forth in the public areas and have encountered walking walls of energy. This is not a pleasant encounter. I also have a son who is pure, good and righteous. When he encounters people, they become happy and smiling. There is just so much to say when you encounter people who are pleasant and genuinely kind.

There is great importance in what I am saying. I have been thinking about this for many days and am still thinking on it. More to come
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