Friday, December 6, 2013

Set Wage Prophecy: (Unedited): 06 Dec 2013:

In time the Corporations and Government will set and make into law a standard pay scale for every type of job. What this means is if you work at the lower end of retail, janitorial, fast food. The expected wage you receive will also be the same wage every where else in the land. Also, That wage is all you will ever get. The end of quarterly or annual pay raises is what I see in the future.
This is to protect people from those workers who retire from jobs who have earned decades worth of pay raises. It will be seen as unfair for everyone else. How one person can earn more than enough monies which is seen as taking from others ability to work.
The argument may be  that a person who is paid to much. Is actually taking away from another person who is unemployed. because, that corporation of government entity cannot pay for more people when they are a paying so much for a few. The math and logic works for their argument.
What actually will happen if this happens. Is every worker will no longer be able to save or to retire at the government defined age standard. This will not be spoken of as it will be a valid argument against what will happen if job specific pay scales are enacted.
It no longer matters how long you work for a particular corporation or a government agency.  The end of free benefits will also be eliminated in favor of accessible benefits in which the worker pays for in full. The benefit of opportunity will be seen as a freedom. Every benefit will be given a monetary value and tied to that wage. Once a worker selects a job in which a set wage is guaranteed by law. All of the benefits plus actual cash wage cannot exceed the limit of the law. Thus, if an employer pays the limit of the law in cash it will be exactly the same as the employer who pays a lower amount in cash plus vacation pay plus sick pay plus personal pay and plus, plus, plus. It all will be the same once all of the variables are added up. All of those extras will be used to entice workers from other places. These will be deceptions.
The only way a worker classed person can achieve greater wages or promotions is to obtain continual education. The level of education will be forever tied to wages and promotions.
The development of worker class education programs. In which those workers may be forced into a specific level of debt for that particular level of worker class education. Through the technical and trade schools.
Just as entry level management will be tied to a 4 year Bachelor's degree.
Intermediate levels of management will be tied to multiple 4 year Bachelor's degrees.
Mid level management will be tied to 6  year Master's degrees.
higher mid level management will be tied to those who have a variety of 6 year Master's degrees
High levels of management will be tied to those who have PHD's.

All of which will cause that management person to achieve a specific level of debt for the job they want to qualify for. Over time. When any person has stayed at a particular position for to long and has minimized their education debt load. That management or worker may be seen as undesirable or defective in some way. Thus, losing their job because of trumped up issues. The laws and rights of the corporation will greatly favor the corporation over the rights of the manager or worker.
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