Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Advanced Weapons: (Unedited): 15 Jan 2014:

The generals and Admirals who receive weapons systems hundreds of years more advanced than what their enemies have presently. Is not something to be celebrated or to become prideful over. C.J.MacKechnie
!!Warning!! Some comments below may contain offensive language, to certain persons. Who are more holy than I. This is just the best way I can explain it, effectively.
In the wars of old. It matters not if the public is aware of them or not. The advanced technologies discovered in them may be awe inspiring and something which may have never been conceptualized.
These are just relics of a war lost. Those relics were left behind simply because they offered zero advances in the victors own technology. If technology is even a correct word to use in this instance.
It is very dangerous for any human government to become prideful with their new weapons of warfare.  It is very easy for any human government to exercise a dictatorial attitude over other free and independent governments. If those other free and independent governments discover the secrecy of withheld weapons of warfare from other peoples who are no longer present. This could create an uncomfortable situation and stress relationship ties. It is more important to develop and maintain friendship based in trust then it is to proclaim national secrecy as to why this information has been withheld.
Just the knowledge of incredibly advanced objects which are incredibly aged. Means whoever they lost their conflict with, may have had an opportunity to advance their technologies more than plus the estimated age of the objects. Which means, If those objects and that which was contained within are still present. It does mean that they were of no interest or value to the victors. Yes, I repeated myself. Because, it is of importance.
So, to us lowly humans who are still like newborns in space. The discovered objects may be incredibly advanced by our standards but, to those who can freely travel from there to here very easily. They remained in one place all of this time. It means they are of no consequence to all of them or they planted those objects there. So that we would eventually discover them and use the new concepts and technologies to cause our own extinction by our own collective will.

Think about this. If you know that advanced concepts and technologies can harm emerging societies. Wouldn't you the good being want to keep away all advanced concepts and tech. In order to give those emerging societies a fair and reasonable opportunity to develop and advance at their own speed? Makes sense, doesn't it.
So, if a new emerging society is developing within a solar system which has had some gruesome history. Wouldn't you want to sanitize that solar system of any advanced war concepts and advanced war machines. Even if they had been destroyed or downed?
If a new an emerging society were to discover objects from an ancient war. Could that discovery lead to fear and a sense of helplessness of those in space? Questions like how do we defend ourselves against beings who are millions or billions of years more advanced in every way than we are? The answer is you don't.
Those questions are just the beginning of the ill perceived space race of warfare. What if those who won the war decide to come back? What if those who won the war were not the good guys? Yea, your screwed or is that were screwed? And now they are millions or billions of years more advanced than when they won the war and we just recently discovered the objects which lost the war. Really.
Better find some friends in the Heavens otherwise known as space.
These kinds of secrets do not aid or help the entire population on this entire planet. Yes, we have our problems. Yes, we are close to causing our own extinction by our own collective hands. But, keeping something like this a secret does not help our collective cause. The opportunity of bringing together all of the greatest human minds on the planet to work out all of the details is lost. This is exactly what must happen. Even if you the secret holders lose control over everything. Which means a loss of power. Well, you deserve that. If it means that you lose your power in order for humanity to survive. Then it sucks to be you and at least your children's children will have an opportunity for life.
Right now. Your trust is fading. You really need to reveal those secrets very soon. You won't have control over China or India. Yes, Maybe in the short term. But, once the politicians make them angry. Which they already had last year (2013). It is just a matter of time. You must take the necessary actions in a positive and peaceful light to mitigate the possible angry response of the general population of the entire world.  If the entire population of the world becomes very angry and very distrusting. Then they can force their own politicians into warlike actions against you. This would be very bad and of course lead to yet another path down the human extinction road.

If all of humanity desires to live. Then we each must begin to love one another, live in peace with each other and exist in harmony with all. That is how we all can live a life worth living.

Death = Hate, War/conflict, Chaos.
All you have to do is live with just one element of this logical formula to find death. 

Humanity must collectively make the same decision by their collective actions. Does humanity want to have life or death? Our collective actions will dictate which one we get. Life or Extinction.  
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