Monday, January 13, 2014

Value Networking: Valueless Friends: (Unedited): 13 Jan 2014:

Friends gained through professional networking become lost when your no longer of value. 
Valueless friends who gains you nothing of value or importance as defined by the world system. Will remain when the world system is no longer. 
 How have you made your friendships? Have you only made friendships with those who are of importance, wealthy and popular? Do you not know if you lose your importance, wealth or popularity, you will lose those friends. They will just walk away from you. When you lose that thing which is important to someone who has agreed to be your friend. The truth is easily seen when they have no time for you. The truth is they were never really your friend. They were friends with that thing you had acquired. That thing can be your wealth, fame, beauty, position, collection, drinking, smoking, bowling and etc.

It is very difficult to create friendships today. Even in churches. If you are poor you cannot participate in any outings and thus become financially excluded from Christian social activities. You can find yourself alone within the crowd who is supposed to love one another. The existence of Christian class division exists in many churches. Which may be part of the reason why the majority of the people rush out of church as fast as they can-alone. Financial class division is only one part. Then there are all of the other arts which just continually divides the congregation to such a degree that a pastor only knows the faces and not the soul.

These are the same practices in the every other place in the modern world. If you hold a position which is regarded highly. Everyone wants to be your friend. If you hold a position which is regarded as lowly, the friendships are few, unless of course they need you to do for them a chore. Otherwise known as a favor. Which are typically forgotten as soon as you are out their door.

I have found the most genuine of people are those who have been defined as worthless in the eyes of the world. I wonder if this is what Jesus saw in those lowly of people that He was accused of associating with. How can a homeless person pretend he is anything more than homeless? How can a skinny person begging for food be any more than hungry? How can a sickly person confined to a bed be any more than what they are? I tell you the truth, They all are more than homeless, hungry and sick. The depth of each one will certainly amaze you and maybe even encourage you to become more than what you truly are today. If you are willing to be their friend.
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