Saturday, January 11, 2014

Their Called: (Unedited): 11 Jan 2014:

They have already been called. 
They are already outside of religion, society and culture. 
When they leave, very few would notice. 
The rapture, however it occurs. Will become an unnoticeable event.

In-spite of popular opinion. Every professed Christian will not be taken. It does not matter what you or I think. Only those who have been chosen by GOD will be removed. If you have not become more than a social Christian or a light Christian. Then you will probably not be chosen. Only the devout. Only those who have obey the law, not because they have to but because they understand the logical importance of living by the law. For them there is no stress only joy in living as their father desires them to.

Those of you who have been chosen. You probably have been encouraged to move or to leave certain places. You may have been encouraged to leave your chosen church or the city of your birth. You may have even been forced to leave church by unpredictable events. You may even be a pastor of a church in which you have had to leave it for some reason and there have not been any other opportunity for you to preach any longer any where else. All of this is OK and you will be OK. The remnant is to become separate from the contaminated cloth.
Christians will not be the only ones to be raptured. There will be many peoples all of whom who have achieved a level of holiness as recognized by only GOD. A level of holiness not governed by fear, threats or traditions. This level of holiness is not granted or recognized by any human nation, religion, organization or persons.

Do not become saddened or worried. You are not alone. You are doing the will of GOD. God is making a way for each of you individually. Yes, even being employed by a trash company or becoming a janitor is all a part of this unseen process. Even these humbling events and lessons is necessary when you seem to think you are so much more than your employment or lifestyle. How much greater was Jesus and how lowly did he become?
If you have been encouraged to sell everything, to move, without any rational or logical reason. The decision is yours to make. It is an important one. It will be a deciding factor if you are to be chosen or not. there will be those who are chosen and yet they choose not to. Either way it is OK for them.

Can you walk out on your world and wealth? 
Can you walk out on your church and religion? 
Can you walk out on your culture and race?
Can you walk out on your nation and society?
Can you walk out on your family and friends?
Can you do as the gentle urgings lead you?
Can you just go when it is time to go?
Can You?
Continue to pray.
Continue to Meditate.
Continue your journeys into love, peace, harmony and life.
Continue to keep yourselves sinless and pure.
There will be churches where the whole congregation just disappears.
There will be churches where the whole congregation remains.
There will be churches where only a handful are taken.
There will be churches where only a handful remain.
I still hope the total raptured in the USA is greater than 10 percent of all Christians, but I think that percentage is to high. Only GOD knows for certain.
There will be those who remain who will be Divinely protected. I've written of this before.
  The doomsday Prepper and survivalist types. You will survive for a time. But, the governments will find you and take your lives. Your only means of protection is within the spirit world. There is a consequence to living your life by Hate, Chaos, Death and Conflict. These actions put in place by you and your organization will only stagnate and De-evolve humanity.
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