Friday, January 31, 2014

Darkened World: (Unedited): 31 Jan 2014:

Assigning a negative emotion to joyous bird song, darkens your perceptions of the world. 
Most of us know who live rurally. That the birds sing their joyous song very early in the morning. This may not be so convenient to those who desire to sleep. The young one or anyone who begins to become upset and angered at the joyous song of happy birds. Misses out on their feeling of happiness and by becoming angered also darkens their own perceptions of the world in which they exist in.
Your world of darkness and misery is all equated of all of the negative emotions you have created in your life to this point.
When the rains and snows,
When the heat and cold,
When the beach is to salty and sandy,
When the mountains are to tall and rocky,
 When any snow is to much.
When any desert is to desolate,

There will be nothing pleasant to experience. The beauty in all things will be forever lost to you. Simply because you have decided at one time the experience was a negative emotional value.
Memorable outings with family and friends become a constant flow of complaints before, during and after.
So how is it that you will ever have peace and happiness when everything is a problem to be expected.
Even shouts of happiness in which you were not a part of causes you to rush in and inquire what is wrong.

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