Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dark Light: (Unedited): 06 March 2014:

From the darkness of their being. 
light seems to emanate from them.
It only seems to.
It only seems that light emanates from these very powerful beings. Some of you may have already met them and are declaring them gods. There light is like that of a burning WW2 city after it has been fire bombed. Darkness with in and only the fires of destruction and death is it's only light. They are like beautiful black holes. Sucking in everything and again they're only light is from the destruction of stars which have collided and lost form.

You must not know or care of the end result. That by each of you following or worshiping these falsely illuminated beings. You are and what will be who gives them there light. Through all of those souls which you bring to them and then finally your own soul. Until, when such a time comes as has been prophesied by many traditions and religions. All of humanity becomes lost and destroyed. Save for the select.
Hence, through death and destruction do they the fallen angels, beings or space aliens receive there power.  Through your pains, your sufferings and miseries do they feed from you.
The birthing of a new species of humanity is a slave race and a controller race. The slave race who eats only from boxes and the controller race which lives the life of great luxury. The slave race who will mindlessly obey all commands even to go forth without fear and with great ferocity to kill and destroy all that was good and beautiful. Hell on Earth will be manifested. This too has been prophesied.  As anything which has been prophesied. It all can be averted, prevented and mitigated.
By simply, living a life with love, peace and harmony. Will all of the bad and sad prophecies become just bad stories of fiction. Though much wisdom can be learned from them as will as continued warning for generations to come.
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