Sunday, March 2, 2014

Declaring Noah: (Unedited): 02 March 2014:

I'm declaring:
We are in the time of Noah.
This is short and simple. This is directly to the point.

The world/religious leaders, elites and those selected entertainment persons are in full knowledge.
The leaders of the world is anyone who is in any position of leadership. Even in the entertainment industry.

The common people of this world seems to be unaware of the truth. When the truth is finally realized. Then it will be to late for any common person on this planet to ever achieve any kind of freedom, justice or fairness.

The new leaders of this world who are already becoming or have become something more or less than human as we think we know it today/now. Because of this. When their numbers achieve a point in which they can cause the extinction of the lesser humans. So shall it be. Then will the world be fully theirs to re-create what they will it to be.
Something similar happened to the leaders of the world as which caused humans to become who they are now. The fruits from the tree of life have been re-introduced into humanity. Creating a new species. The exact how and why is lost to me. Just as any new species is introduced into any environment. The weaker or lesser species which competes for the same resources become extinct. Just the natural way things occur.
In the time of Noah. The angels walked amongst humanity. You can call the angels space aliens if you like. In which many of them pretended to be gods. So, when these space aliens or fallen angels are in the full awareness of all of humanity. That is when we are in the times of Noah. That time is coming very soon. When it does. Those who live of the world will suffer greatly and die. To a tune of more than 5 billion souls in a short period of time. This is Biblical prophecy. Do the math of the events. Which I might also add does not take into the account of those who will die after the events.

Weird news from Yahoo news. Really? This conspiracy, all off the wall assumptions and questions without any real facts.

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