Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mission happiness: (Unedited): 25 March 2014:

The focus of the mission orientated person and that of the passion orientated person may be very similar. The only difference between the two is one receives much joy and happiness.  
The professional person who takes the quality and quantity of their work personally is not one to be avoided. These types of  persons within your leadership and management teams is necessary for the common worker to be around. The common worker does not have the training or even the mentality to be leaders or management (not intended to be insulting). (I'm not leadership or management material).
The common person who comes into contact with a passionate leader/manager shares in their enthusiasm for the job. To such a degree that the entire team of common workers begin to work at a higher level of quality and production. (Even if it is at the expense of your cultural happy food like Pappa Johns Pizza in New Port Richey or Marcos Pizza in Trinity). The cultural happy food can only be given when the mission has been accomplished, period.


You big wigs in the corporate structure of life. Need to be able to look down from your corporate castles of glass and steel. To feel the world of your common worker. The word feel is very important. By feeling you the corporate person may become a more complete leader/manager or even a human being.
It is they who hath built your castle.
It is they who continues to maintain it.
It is they who continue to clean it.
It is they who has the pride it all they have done for you and continue to do so. So, when you act like they, the common workers are your simpleton minions, who are animals to be endured. Your haughty attitudes will become the down turn of the entire corporate structure. But, Then again. What do you care. You get that big and huge pay package and there is more than one zoo.
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