Friday, March 7, 2014

Undereducated Future: (Unedited): 07 March 2014:

The advent of 3D printing is going to alter the whole world. To such a degree that world wide unemployment could become greater than 25% and maybe even 50%. 3D printing is still in it's infancy, Eventually all manor of construction, manufacturing and industrialization will be done with this new 3D process. Which means construction, manufacturing and industrial jobs for undereducated human beings will dramatically go down and Careers will end. This should occur within 20-40 years. There will be a ramping up process. Meaning that worldwide jobs are not going to disappear over night. It will take at least a decade or two after the first 3D machines are put into place for a specific process.
Those people who are now in their twenties will witness the growth of this new technology and will also see their job disappear. Just as others will see all around the world. It is easy to see the negative ramifications in 20-40 years. There is a positive opportunity for those very bright people who are not capable of formal education. 
 By becoming self educated. You can be one of the needed who will be paid a very good wage or better yet, you can become a new self owned business person. Below will be a list of working knowledge and working skills you will need to be successful in the next 20-40 years as this new 3D printing technology develops and matures.
General Skills Needed           (Mechanic)

Functional industrial programming, troubleshooting and testing. Repair of key computer components and other related hardware. You will also need to be a skilled user and teacher to those who use the devices.

You will need to have at least a basic understanding of the various trades. Such as various construction styles, manufacturing and industrial applications.

You will need a working knowledge of industrial robotics. The 3D robotic machines which have not even been invented yet will parked along the perimeter edge of a commercial building which will soon rise from the ground. Every building will be manufactured in this new 3D process. Everything will become made via 3D robot.

The era where machines were built inside of a building is gone. Soon the entire building will become a mechanized robot.

:The New Leaders:
The person who is to be one of the new leaders of this new 3D technology. Will obtain a collection of those college degrees in the areas of business, robotics, computer science, civil engineering, industrial engineering and etc. That is about 10+ years of continuous college classes. This is the new paradigm in education. Education is now never ending. For the young person who is in middle school right now. If he or she can see the validity of this new 3D printing process and is will to put forth the energy to collect the soon to be necessary college degrees. Invest in your child. In 2014, the 4 year college degree is the high school diploma of the 1950's. A masters degree is the associates degree of the 1970's. Multiple and mutually related degrees and advanced degrees is the key to your child's future.

The advanced college educated young person will not have to obtain these skills below and could hire out the work. 
As well as other education in welding with certification. Diesel Mechanics. Electricity and electronics.
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