Monday, April 21, 2014

Devout Journey: (Unedited): 21 April 2014:

The devout and selected will leave the church within the USA. In the beginning of their journey for their new church home. They shall find none. Coming to a point that their church is both within themselves and in their own homes.
Technology shall be used until the government begins to abusively interfere. They shall find one another and become a church with no name, no wealth and no power in the world view. They will worship as they should and live their lives by their free choice to live legalistically. To choose to live legalistically is different than being forced to live under the thumb of laws and being cursed with fires damnation.
All manor of lies and deceptions will be scrubbed from their lives by each of their free choice. The false teachings of religion will also be known to them and rejected. They will become the holy people that GOD always wanted us to be.
A new sign shall be created just for them. A sign which is not real in this physicality.

All of this shall happen just before the great reprobation begins.
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