Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Good Things: (Unedited): 02 April 2014:

Good things do happen to good people daily. Become and remain a good person so that you to can experience daily goodness. 
 Start with today and right now. Be that good person through your own actions of caring and compassion. Even those things which are more respectful like taking the shopping cart back inside of the store. Returning items back to their proper places. Putting your trash and recyclables into their proper containers. These small steps will help you to feel better and you may even begin to seek out more opportunity to express compassion.
This is very important for a world becoming darker. The simple light you shine glows it's illumination into the far distance. A person who is feeling the darkness the most may just witness your strength and courage to shine your own light. That they themselves may begin to shine for themselves and for the betterment of this dark cold world.
How do you begin to feel good?
Do good things everyday and all of the time. Even if all you can do is those small things. They all eventually add up into big things. Even to the point where you are feeling good all of the time.
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