Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In-spite Of: (Unedited): 31 March 2014:

In-spite of all of your pains and torments. Actively, seek out all that is beautiful. Because, all that is beautiful, is as it is, In-spite of all of your pains and torments. 
It is very easy for those who have become depressed or have been depressed for some time. To remain in those dark secluded places or to either seek out those dark secluded places. By remaining or or going into those dark secluded places. You merely reinforce those false notions that you are truly alone and that the whole of the world is a very ugly and dangerous place. It is your own false fears which causes you to seek out the dark solitude. 

The truth is, The birds shall sing. The sun shall shine, The moon shall reflect it's beauty within the beautiful heavenly stars. The oceans shall crash along the shores. Children will scream, laugh and run around the playground. Lovers shall hold hands and steal away their kisses. Games will be played on their fields of green. All of this shall happen in-spite of your own perceived self misery, pains, torments, injustice, unfairness. You have to actively free yourself from those forms of bondage. No one is going to free you. Especially, when it is you who have freely decided to remain in bondage.
Become an inspiration of those around you. Over come and over power all that which pains you. Actively achieve everything which is beyond you today. Even if victory always seems to elude you. You will become the inspiration in which many others will find their own victory through their witness of your daily routine. 
Even if all you can do is hold down a job. Then go to it, always be present and on-time.
For it was you who has inspired this write.
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