Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frozen Hearted Seductress: (Unedited): 27 March 2014:

There is no right or wrong for the frozen hearted seductress. 
We saw the movie frozen. The messages are alarming for me. Especially, when children view the powerful sorceress and her song of freedom from all that bound her. Even the belief of right and wrong. Which is easily confused with fear.
From one parents imposed prison cell the sorceress queen creates another prison cell of ice fractals for herself.
A person must always be aware of giving up one false belief system which imprisoned you for another false belief system which creates a different kind of prison. Even though the prisons are different. You still become caged and your freedom is all but an illusion, The new false belief system may also include those who wish to destroy you.
Love. The differences of love upon us all. The love we freely give and the love we receive without ever asking for it. There is your true belief system which is not false. Love one another. To continue to love one another even though there has been long term neglect or abuse. Christians should learn this in their personal actions of their daily lives.
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Just as there are not 500,000 good christian families who are willing to take in children who have survived abuse and torture at the hands of those they have called family. This is truth. Every year in your state. Foster kids go missing. Every year a foster kid dies and no one will remember them. In Florida the questionable death of children is called an archeological dig instead of a murder investigation.
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