Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Freedom Gained: (Unedited): 26 March 2014:

The worldly person who losses all of their worldly possessions and wealth.
Loses everything.
The spiritual person who loses all of their worldly possessions and wealth.
Gains their freedom. 
This is about the mindset of two different groups of people. How those who have that singular focus of worldly gathering of things and wealth. When the worldly people lose it all. The worldly people sometimes do drastic things in response to all of that loss. The worldly people do not seem to understand that all of those worldly things and wealth are temporary and imaginary.  The true wealth a person has is their connections with the Divine, the planet, their family and their friends. These are first and foremost. This is why to love one another is so important. This is why living in peace is so important. This is why existing in harmony is so important. These are what is permanent and real. A life worth living cannot be bought or acquired with items which are temporary or imaginary. Just as you cannot have a life worth living when you drink or drug yourself and it matters not the legality or diagnosis.

The question of who is your family and who are your friends. Was answered wonderfully by Jesus.

What is the will of God? To love one another.
When you love. You will seek peace with a peaceful heart
When you love. You will hunger for harmony of all things to surround you.
This is logical and is a formula for life. 
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