Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthing Extinction: (Unedited): 26 March 2014:

Through popular song and dance. 
The coming prophecies are declared and celebrated.
Expectant and excited is the worldly mother who embraces her babies kick.
The birthing process is both greatly painful and joyful.
Water shall flow and blood shall pour out.
Sad tears and joyful shouts shall be confusing to those who witness the great birth and not know it.
As the great birth begins a new life. So to comes extinction for all of the old lives.
The popular songs and dances are both sexy, memorizing and enticing.
Though the listener may not know what it is the songs are saying exactly.
Those of the world sing and dance within their joyful ignorance. Never realizing that which is about to be born is of great evil and the extinction of the old world shall come by fire which shall encompass all, even the most devout followers of the world. For that is the plan of those evil ones. To destroy all that humanity has created, including the memory of it all. But, it is not enough to destroy their human enemy. To get their human enemy to destroy themselves is far more satisfying for the evil ones. 

 The truly defined holy places on this Earth will actually burn those who are evil or not even of the selected. They may very well be those places which are not commonly known.
The actual birthing event(s) may also be those events which minimizes the USA. By water, by fire and by blood.
Blood can still  flow even after the birthing process is complete, Thus, killing the host mother.

Ever wonder why the gods (fallen angels) who intermingled with human women allowed those women to die in child birth. Giving birth to those giants of Noah's day was a death sentence for human women. Those gods (fallen angels) had/has the power to save the lives of those human mothers and they did not by their choice. This is because there was no love within them for humanity.

In the days of Noah. The gods or fallen angels came to this planet. In the final days of prophecy those very same fallen angels will become known to all of the common human. Even though right now they have made themselves known to the rulers of the world and to the elites.
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