Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reprobation Church: (Unedited): (11 May 2014):

The church/religion of reprobation will glory in their perceived worldly wealth. While becoming accepting of every immoral and sinful deed.
The reprobate are easily seen to those who are of the God of all. The god pretender or the ruler of this Earth rewards those who causes many to stray away from the righteous and holy Journey. 
Those who preach the homeless teacher/healer and surrounds themselves with great abundance. Does not understand his message of life giving water. For their god is of this world even today. Their greedy thirst will not be quenched in the here after and all of the worldly wealth shall not be transferred in any way. What they shall gain in the after life is the curses of causing souls to become lost instead of gained.
To simply allow ongoing immoral and sinful person into the church/religion. Corrupts the whole. The leadership of any church/religion silently gives permission for everyone to sin. Thus, the whole falls away into reprobation. Save for the select as chosen by GOD.
Righteousness and holiness is the journey to everlasting life. Love, peace, harmony and the sanctity of life are the attributes.
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