Monday, May 12, 2014

The Mission: (Unedited): 12 May 2014:

Prophecy Work in progress
A new generation of soldier. One without compassion or heart is about to be born. These new soldiers will kill at a command and murder when ordered.
These new soldiers have been raised without learning or knowing the importance of what freedom means. It is not within them to know the difference between a killed target or the murder of a human being.
There will be no confusion between completing the ordered mission and the morality of their violent actions. "Complete the mission" is their mantra and it matters not anything else. "The mission" is superior to anyone's rights. "The mission" is superior to anyone's sense of morality, honor, justice and respect.
"The mission" is superior to anyone's innocence or guilt. If the command structure has deemed you a target then you are automatically guilty and worthy of death.
The men and women who succumb to the heartbeat of "The mission" Have lost their humanity as they have become biological robots.
What does this mean? The new generation of soldier and law enforcement official will also suffer from reprobation of God. Even if an individual follows the commands of a reprobate leadership without question and with great efficiency of mission accomplished. There will come a time that even the honorable warrior or idealistic cop will no longer be able to become good. When any person freely chooses to do bad things and to be bad on a regular basis. A time will come when that persons freedom is no more and the very sad part is they won't even be aware of it. Nor even acknowledge it when confronted by it.
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