Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Perpetuated Dumb ideas: (Unedited): 08 July 2014:

The perpetuation of incredibly dumb ideas comes from those corporate managers who refuse to reasonably think for themselves or for those whom they are responsible for.
Any corporate entity who makes policy changes which negatively has an impact on their employees rights and freedoms, especially when it affects their own personal time is absolutely wrong.
 Any corporate entity who sees wrongful actions from other corporate managers within similar corporate businesses take actions against their own employees and then sees it as a good idea. They are wholly ignorant and stupid. Unworthy of the college degrees they have seemed to earn.

In this day and age where the development and the maintaining of a team work environment is crucial to the success and safety of everyone involved. It is just very difficult to understand how an entire management team and an entire non-profit industry can pass new policy which forbids any employee from doing business with their employer. Especially, while said employee is on their own time. These kinds of policies prove of the mistrust and the lack of faith that the entire corporate structure has towards any of it's employees outside of the corporate offices. These corporate personnel have become demigods within their own little fiefdom.

One would think that a non profit organization who portrays themselves as the helper of people who are in need are essentially creating their own payroll and maintaining their own personal lifestyles. With base corporate wages, corporate perks, corporate benefits, corporate insurance and corporate bonuses. While at the same time keeping their own employees at wages which are below a living wage. The minimum wage is far below the living wage.

Yet, inside of these nonprofit retail stores where goods are given freely to the nonprofit corporate organization. Those employees are forbidding to do business with their own employer. 


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