Sunday, August 17, 2014

Calm Eye: Hard Wisdom: (Unedited): 17 Aug 2014:

It takes a stormy person to become a calm eye at the center of their being.  
I have grown up with great storms in my life and some how I just survived them all. There is no logical reason why I survived. I was never the smartest or strongest. I was actually drugged into mental oblivion for the vast majority of my childhood. Beating, abused and nearly killed many times. Yes, there is a great storm about me. Deep within my core is a great and peaceful calm. Is it always that way? Naw, I'm not Jesus. 
Real life hard experiences in which you actually become a good person or are able to hold onto those good qualities of goodness within you. Is a form of purification. Although purification does not feel good. The end result is a more solid and righteous you in the eyes of God. Does this mean you are perfect or should be revered in life? Naw. It just means your a better you and if your purification is ongoing, then you will become a better you tomorrow and the day after. 
For those seekers of wisdom or for those to be blessed with wisdom. The storms experienced in life is often times un welcomed. Which is probably as it should be. Those persons who have been blessed with that thirst for wisdom. They always ask a million questions and seek 2 million answers. Which is followed by 3 million more questions and 4 million more answers and etc. 
Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up within the whirlwind of chaos. Helplessly thrown about in violent random confusion. Once you begin to reacquire your focus, your calm. Your peaceful center will be there like it always had been. Untouched and undamaged by any storm. Just stop and pray. Just stop and meditate. Just stop and contemplate. Just stop. 
Amazing things will happen when you just stop. Peace and harmony begin to slowly show first then love is remembered. If you focused on the love first, everything which is good and right just pops into place immediately. 
People can be selfish and thankless. Even they in their stormy times of their own life. It matters not if the storms are of their own creation or not. They go to the person who seems to have much wisdom. Someone who seems to have been to hell and back. Someone who does not mind the trip into hell either. The person who has been blessed with much wisdom is often searched by all who know of this person. The selfish and thankless will get what they can get plus maybe a free meal. Then depart without even closing the door properly.
The wisdom which is given freely to them should be given with a heart of love and understanding of their state of being. Because, it can be hoped that the wisdom your freely give out of the outpouring of your love for them. Will eventually crack their hardened heart. Even if your not the one who will offer them support with the hardness falls away. It still should be celebrated when it does. Even if no one remembers the first wise person who made that first singular crack into that hardened heart.
So give of yourself freely. by doing so no one can use you.
Hard Wisdom: (Unedited):  17 Aug 2014:
Out of your love. 
Your wisdom freely given should be harder and finely pointed, so as to crack the hard heart and to remain within. 
Wisdom which is like a splinter. Lasts long enough until it is pushed out or is absorbed.  In this instance absorbed is good wisdom remembered and pushed out wisdom is rejected wisdom. Though not necessarily bad wisdom. Good wisdom can be rejected as easily as bad wisdom. Bad wisdom is like a dirty splinter which causes infections within. Thus, continues the suffering in new ways which has not been experienced before.  Even good wisdom can have a similar effect upon an bad person. The good splinter of wisdom can likewise infect the bad person with goodness. Which can eventually take over the bad person.
You should not feel bad or rejected because someone came to you for advice and then refused what you had to offer them. Feel good that they actually came to you and have hope that all of the wisdom they ask of you becomes thorns on their hardened heart. That is the goal isn't it? To have the hardened heart free of it's shell, one crack or splinter at a time.

As inspired by Janice Louise. All of this from your little spark.
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