Monday, August 18, 2014

Star Builders Prophecy: (Unedited): 18 Aug 2014:

Do not read if prophecy is disturbing to you including the final end as we have not been taught. As there is virtually no survival only extinction.
Dozens of unseen and incomprehensible ships silently come. All of them mostly unseen and UN-sensed by the human secret technologies which exist. They travel to the poles of their central star which we falsely believe to be ours. They drink their fill from the free flowing life giving waters of light.
They begin to position themselves around several of their planets. One each at each of the magnetic poles. All of their planets known by different names.

All that we know is from the contamination of the fallen angels/aliens which came here to enslave humanity. Even the names of everything that we know is wrong and based on lies. Even the names of the stars were giving to us and there stories so that we remember the fallen ones as something heroic.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the asteroid belt and several other moons. All evidence and their false memories shall become clean as truth. The relics of the old angelic wars lost shall be cleansed and purified. The history of any life ever existing within this solar system wiped away clean.
On the false planet known as Earth. Billions have already died from recent wars and atrocities (Soon to come).
Those who are considered not of the world or not in a worldly mindset, shall look to the north and to the south and see those great ships of beautiful shimmering light of blues and whites and greens. ( Colors of such grand beauty, that no human word can describe) From every place on the false earth. Each ship is vastly greater in size compared to the false earth. From the poles, the purification process begins. The false earth begins to warm from within. Until, such a point that the False Earth becomes a liquid ball of light. The Earth is reborn from a state of purity.
24 Aug 2014:
added note. My use of the word green may be inaccurate. Defiantly shimmering blues and whites of all sorts.
The massive size of these planetary sized ships should have a natural effect on any large body when in close proximity. There is no obvious and known effects from their presence. The distance away from the earth is very close almost touching the atmosphere. There will be some minor visible effects with the clouds as if encountering a dense air pressure zone. There may even be weather anomalies which are created. But, other than that no earth or human based technology will be able to sense these planet sized ships. except for minor observational effects. The north and south poles will begin to abruptly stop their natural movements and become re-aligned. This also, includes other sporadic magnetic anomalies. All will become realigned to their will.
When those great planetary ships of the star builders begin to transfer star energy into both the northern and southern poles of the Earth. At a rate which will not cause the Earth explode. Which is an option if the star builders so desired it to be. The Earth will begin to both lose their ice caps completely as well as begin to grow in physical size. Gravity will also increase. Even though the oceans rise will probably not be evident. Thus, begins the great woe of purification. Earthquakes everywhere, great and small. Volcanism's  everywhere great and small. Clouds shall begin to cover the whole earth and a great cooling shall happen for a short time.
All water will evaporate into a gaseous state. All explosive gasses and oil will also explode. The Earth becomes a molten liquid ball. Something else happens which is unknown to me or to anyone else. Which doesn't really matter as all life will have already have been terminated. Including those of the fallen angels/aliens. All of those who have pretended to be gods.
The rotational speed of the Earth slows to a stop. Shock waves are emitted from the great ships. Then the rotation spin to the New earth is established. Faster and faster and faster the new Earth spins. For what reason unknown to me, maybe to re-establish the planetary crust system. Then the new earth is given a new rotational speed,  re-positioned into a new orbit along with a new moon system.
Then all manor of life is re-seeded upon this and other planets and moons within this solar system. In there time.
Added on 24 Aug 2014:
The shock waves will re-create within the earth the renewed crystalline structures all over the planet. All of the precious stones recreated. All of the precious metals recreated. All of which in quantities as defined by them. These crystals, stones and metals are very important to the life of the New Earth.  The importance of all of these things make up the planets scientific and logical identity. A name which is logically quantified in a specific formula. 
The Earth as we know has changed. As we mine this planet. Run our electricity wires. Drill for oil. Destroy entire ecosystems. We fundamentally change and alter the entire planets logical and scientific name.
Even the term Earth or new Earth shall be forgotten and changed. I only use the term New earth as it is accurate to use in this writing. 
There isn't anything anyone can do. There won't be any heroes to stop the purification process. There will be no safe place inside this solar system. All lies and deceptions shall be destroyed including their memory. All of the supreme beings, fallen angels and aliens whom humanity knows as gods shall they themselves perish. They will not even be able to defend themselves in any way. they will be just as helpless as those human beings they have considered as greatly inferior to them.
I would guess that those other ships are going to do the same or similar processes as is done to the earth. Thus, re-creating  a solar system with many life supporting planets and moons. For some reason even the whole of the solar system may/shall be moved out towards the edge of the galaxy.
Life shall begin again without contamination from any outside influences.
Even the fallen angels who are still amongst us. Will not escape their fate. Anyone and any life which is deemed contaminated/corrupted shall perish. Only the pure remnant shall survive. Define the word remnant in order to know the scope of this truth. Only the pure remnant shall be saved.
This is one prophecy which no one will ever care to know. Because, once the ships are seen by those odd people. It is to late and death will come to all. Even if they reside deep in their underground fortresses.  Your only hope and options are as follows. Become righteous and holy in the eyes of God and as defined by God. Love one another. Live in peace with everyone. Exist in harmony with all. Respect and honor life. You must do these things without fear or out of fear. You must do all of these things because you have logically concluded it is the right things to do. You must do these things because you want to and have that internal urging to do these things. You must not do these things because you have to or are forced to or even consider it your payment to extend your own life.
Added on 24 Aug 2014:
When life has been re-seeded upon this world and within the solar system. The stars will be changed. But, the new peoples shall not know any difference. All memory of what was shall be completely gone in totality.
Personal note:
We live in homes made up of cut stone, felled trees and mined minerals. Surrounded these homes with EM fields of electricity and RF Fields with WiFi connectivity's. We burn oils and gasses to create our EM and RF energies. We use dangerous nuclear energy for even greater electrical capacities. With continual EM and RF signals from cell phone towers and high capacity electrical lines. Which penetrate into and through all life.
It seems our homes in which we exist in, is all created by violent and killing processes. So, How can we each exist without violence and killing? When our lives are surrounded by it all.
Psychologically, our homes seclude and isolate us from the life of this world. At his moment I'm just now putting all of these random thoughts together. 
I'm beginning to believe that this writing is all about the Hopi Prophecy. I also, beginning to think that those who are to be taken are the ones with the purest of DNA. That may very well be those indigenous peoples who have not included themselves within the world system.  Thus, are not contaminated. Now, I understand the truth as to why they reject the whole of the world ways of life.

Knowing this is also evidence that my family or even myself shall not be save within the physical. As we are involved in this world not by our physical choice. We all have been deceived and lied to. To the degree that we all shall physically perish. This is all because of the fallen angels/aliens. Which have altered us(Majority of Humanity) in to many ways. Spiritually we are already saved and that is the most important part.
Do these things because you want to and not because you have to. Do these thing because you know it is the righteous thing to do and not because you have to. Do these things without threats or fears. There is a difference.
Added on 28 Aug 2014:
Vision. For an unknown reason. My spirit stays on the Earth which is well within the purification or re-birthing process. I do not know if I decided this and also allowed to remain or was just left. One may be likely while the other unlikely.
By physical body has already expires. I awaken and know the whole of the wonderment of the spiritual aspect of the universe. I do not reject any of it. I just decide to just want to remain for this time. As if I need to experience this action of planetary purification. Even the knowing that it was humanity who had the choice to avert it all or to cause it all.
The build up of heat which emanates from deep within the core of the planet and being able to look up and see clearly the beauty of these two great shimmering spheres doing their energy work. Knowing it took mere moments for each of the great spheres to absorb their energy from our/their central star and it is taking much more time to deliver this very same energy without causing this planet Earth from losing it's spherical integrity. My human mind sees the weaponized aspect to these weapon. One sphere could destroy each of the planetary bodies in about 1 human second. It can either give too much energy to fast or take away energy as it does from stars. Either way very bad for the planet. The physical ability for these great sphere ships to move within a solar system at speeds which hasn't even been read or seen in science fiction by myself. These great spheres can even alter there shape and become what ever they will them to be. Even the size can be changed. The knowing aspect of these great spheres is incredible. I have a sense that if I wanted this great sphere to become a cuddly kitty it could and would.
I'm back on Earth and the low heat fires have already consumed all physical life. There is steam everywhere. Like a great cloud. The planet expands because of the heat and the ground softens and becomes liquid. I propel myself in some manor and begin to have fun on this planet of watery fire and realize the process is near complete. The realization that there was once much life and not it is all gone all because humanity chose the wrong path. The decision was now given to me as a way to end suffering. A suffering which was created by all of mankind. Through the urgings of the fallen angels/aliens. But, we had the way to reject evil, to reject ego, to reject all of the sins of ourselves. Humanity had it within their God given authority to become the planetary caretakers and then evolve into solar system caretakers. Humanity just became a plight or a virus which just consumed everything without regard to any other life. This is base animalistic behaviors and is not within the evolutionary process as defined by the solar system builders.
I'm back again and the next part is just not for me to know for now. But, it was written in the ancient books. Life is re-seeded and re-created. The spirit us obtains a new form. Well, at least some of us. The demonics, evil spirits, Fallen angels or bad aliens have ended their influence as defined by the final judgement of God. Which absolutely ends it all.
Personal note. The human aspect of my mind is very challenging. Meaning it seems very natural or to natural to think in a war mind. These star builders create life as some sort of life giving crusade. So me as a mere mortal human being sees these great ships. Which has not even been rationally considered or imagined by any human. Not that I'm aware of anyway. I naturally think of weapons platforms. For me this seems rather insulting. As I do not believe they are war minded or have a mindset of conquering. As far as humanity is concerned. We will be exterminated. All because we have been genetically contaminated by the fallen angels/aliens. We have learned all we know from those fallen ones. This contamination even if it was only from simple observance has led to a humanity which is war like and not peace like. Humanity does not love one another. Humanity does not exist in harmony with anything. Humanity is globally involved in genetic manipulations. Thus, furthering genetic contamination throughout the entire planet. Humanity also has nuclear power which can be very disastrous to the entire planet. So, because of what humanity has done, what humanity is doing and humanity will do. Our extinction is guaranteed.
To these star builders. Space and time is not linear. They can be anywhere at any time at the speed of their own mental conception and in any dimension. How ever many there are. Existing only in our limited understanding of this singular dimension is only an option out of necessity. They are of the mind set of absolutes. Absolute truth, logic, goodness, life, and more that I'm just not able to grasp in concept. They exist and live in absolutes.
So when they plan and implement the purification process. It is not a decision which was considered lightly. Humanities time line has been altered and probably will continued to be altered. Which is an incorrect by our linear understanding of time. By there prospective. All has already been done that they are willing to do. They have given humanity free will and by this free will we continue to choose Hate, Chaos, Conflict, Lies, badness, death all of which seems to be contrary to them. The logical results of our actions and it doesn't really matter what we know is right when humanity just does wrong. Which is worse. So, it is we who has sealed our own fate. We humans are solely to blame for our coming extinction. I still have hope for humanity even though the star builders are absolute in what is going to happen. They be way smarter than me and yet my hope remains.
So why haven't I just stopped writing if all of the efforts I make if all of the wisdom I've learned matters nothing and means even less? Because, I still have hope. I may think about giving up from time to time. Especially, when my life was just awful as a child. I just don't. That's my bottom line anyway.
What does this mean for you the reader? Keep your own hope. Because, your own hope originates from within you and not from outside of you. Yes, hope can be given and can be inspired into others. Hope is and always has been within you. Even if you have forgotten about hope or have denied hope. Read the big blur letters above and the brief explanation beneath. Change your life if you so desire.
Seek out those people whom used to love you and offer your apology's and forgiveness. Make amends where ever you can. Re-acquaint yourself with your distant family members if possible. Begin to live the simple life surrounded by those things which are truly important. Embrace all aspects of truth and surround yourself within the truth. Time is short by our Human perspective. Live the rest of it with quality of life. As opposed to a quantity of stuff.
Added on 01 Sept 2014:
Vision. I saw many immense spheres converging onto a designated spot. They all encircle the spot and with a great outflow of energy at a specific identifying frequency. Absolutely beautiful. All of the energies collide at the central spot and a star is created. Once the galactic energy fields find the new star to keep it ignited. They cease their outflows of energy or modulate their energy fields to create a rotation. Not sure if I'm explaining this correctly.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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