Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Corrupted Unrepentant Sinner: (Unedited): 24 Sept 2014:

The corrupted unrepentant sinner and their children shall not be saved. It matters not your human perceived definition of innocence or what is right.  

In the time of Noah or Pre-flood Genesis. There may have been up to 1 billion humans upon this planet. This apparently does not account for the angelic human offspring. Which may have been abandoned by the fallen angels as they left the earth to save themselves. There is and will be much speculation on this as that history was mostly destroyed by the flood. We do know that the fallen angels did come back and lived in various places upon the earth as told in the story of Moses. So how did they survive? Where did they survive?

In the time of Noah. Only 8 adults became the remnant to be saved. Every child which was loved by their mothers were not saved.  It did not matter how much a mother loved their child or even defined their child as innocent. The corruption of all of mankind even fell upon the babies of humanity. Those who by our own definition would consider the most innocent of today. Those worthy of saving by your own understanding. Yet the God of all and the Judge of all exercised His Divine right to execute humanity save for the 8 righteous adults. That is all.
So you need to know this. The end of all prophecies shall come and only the chosen remnant as  selected by God shall be taken away. It does not matter what you think or feel. If you are corrupted and unrighteous. Then your children are corrupted and unrighteous. Then you and your children will burn when this planet becomes purified. How many shall be saved? How shall the number of the remnant be counted? On one hand or more out of seven billion souls?

Even the author of this writing may not be saved in one way but saved in another.

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