Thursday, September 25, 2014

Witness Evidence: (Unedited): 24 Sept 2014:

Being concerned that there are to many witnesses and to much evidence to be collected. is not a valid reason as to why you should not do an evil deed. 
You who think in this manor are in error in your whole life. To only consider not doing an evil thing simply because of the greater probability of getting caught is truly not a reason for not doing an evil deed. Not doing an evil deed is not an indication you are a good or righteous person. That which you entertain on a regular basis is your daily evidence of what kind of person you truly are. You do not need to do the evil deed.
All that which is and has ever been thought of within your own mind is all the evidence the God of all needs to convict you. I am not saying you should believe in a God or that you should fear a God.
You should ask yourself these things. If there is a God is it important to be a good and righteous person as defined by the ancient written texts? If there is no God then there is no laws which should govern you and you should act in whatever manor in which pleases you. That is what many learned persons proclaim. If it feels good then do it. If it makes you happy then do it. That is all fine and wonderful until the person who sees you have more than them. Thinks to them self. That they would be happy if they took your stuff. They would be happy if they raped you. They would be happy just to drive your car for a little while. They would be happy if they can abuse you. No really, Think about it the insanity of this. Worldly criminals are in jail and do not think they did anything wrong except get caught. Criminals are seen on video doing an evil deed and proclaim it is not them even in the court room. Refusing and denying the facts is delusional to the person proclaiming it is not them.
What is the truth? Where is the truth within your own mind and heart? Do you even care?
Is being good and righteous really a good thing or is it a sign of weakness?
Is being good and righteous really valid in the world today? or is only being good as defined as what ever you can do without getting caught.
Here is a trucker quote. Not one of mine.

" If you can't be good then be good at it"

That really sums up the world we live in. To be a good criminal means not to be caught and convicted in a court of law.

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