Friday, October 10, 2014

Corrupted Religion: (Unedited): 09 Oct 2014:

Unacknowledged sin within any house of worship is evidence of a religion corrupted by worldly beliefs and laws. 
The world shall always have their laws, their beliefs, their freedoms and their rights. They all or some may have nothing to do with God. But, then again you have to always ask which god do they worship? The quick and easy answer they each may give is Jesus or God or Allah or Jehovah or by some other acceptable name as defined by that specific culture/society.  When the truth of their answer is far more sinister. What this means is. If a person who is a leader has many immoral sins in their life. Then they are not of God, Jesus or Allah.  Or however you define a righteous and holy God.
You cannot lead a religion based on or in God/Allah/Jesus/ Jehovah and still live a secret part of your personal life in regular and everyday sin acts. You are a false prophet, False teacher and false leader as defined by God who has brought to all of humanity the laws and rules to live our life by. With love, peace, harmony and life.

The corruption of the worlds religions, politicians, leaders, clergy is plainly evident as is most likely influenced by the demonics and fallen angels who are imprisoned here on Earth. These beings greater than any human is involving themselves in the mind thoughts of all leaders and many people. This is why sexual immorality is so prevalent today.

Within your Religion, Church, Synagogue, Temple and Mosque. If the leadership does not even mention specific sins as a wrong. Then they are in sin and most likely corrupted by the world. It matters not their logic based in fears or by governmental law.

Just like John The Baptist. He proclaimed God so loudly the king had to shut him even after his own lustful sins of his own mind. This is the kind of faith we should all have.
Even in physical death. There isn't true death to those who are deemed righteous by God.
The word use of clergy also includes any person in any leadership capacity of any religion.
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