Friday, October 10, 2014

Pretenders Devotion: (Unedited): 10 Oct 2014:

Any person who only loves one another with only their words. Is an empty giver or a devout pretender. 
 There are those persons, religions, churches and other entities. Who seem to always goes forth and proclaim just how much they love everyone or just you. Yet, even though you are in need, they seem to always turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.
Or worse what you actually need is a hand up and not a hand out. A hand out only prolongs your suffering. While the hand up does seem to end your suffering in a predictable amount of time.
A bag of food or a bag of clothes may indeed meet an immediate need. But without a definite direction or even a hand up. The hand out only makes the giver feel good well after the receiver as used up the goods. The one who has received has used up the given goods and was most likely very thankful and prayed many prayers of gratitude. But, without a meaningful hand up. The suffering endured only repeats itself like a broken record.

For me this is a personal one. As I know to well how people profess their love, their compassion and they're mercy. Only to be ignored.  Even my adoptive mother who beat me on a regular basis, told me hateful things, locked me in small closets and tried to kill me. Used to always say how much she loved me. Yet, she still poured boiling tomato soup on my arm.
A shelter home in which they nearly starved every child and yet they could proclaim three hot meals to the counselor and not lie about it.
A foster home of a Scientology member who wanted me to become one of them. Would beat both me and his natural son with a ping pong paddle while laughing.
An abuser always seems to express love verbally in some believable way. Even to those whom they need to prove it too with their perfectly clean homes.
Another name for pretenders is liars and deceivers.
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