Friday, October 10, 2014

Intellectual Theologians: (Unedited): 07 Oct 2014:

Many of the religious intellectuals and gifted theologians are pretenders of their chosen religion. Even they shall not be remembered in the day of the taking. For all of their rewards were of the worldly system before the coming of the great purification. 
 All of those within the chain of command or chain of responsibility within any religion. Is fully responsible for the actions of their chosen religion. They are all responsible for the teachings to the general population at large.

Woe to you who are in the chain of responsibility. This prophecy is for you.

If by religious law you allow your religion to accept sin as a freedom or as a right. Then you shall suffer For each child and each adult you teach a wrong to.

If you because of your own fears, worries, concerns do not teach the cost of sin or even just acknowledge sin within your own little church. Then you shall suffer for all of those who choose not to come to God and for all of those who have fallen into sin.

If you teach and cause for anyone to pursue a life of murder in the name of your God. Then it is you who have become their god. You shall endure the suffering of all of those who have freely given their lives in order to murder others. You shall endure the full weight of your teachings and actions. There will be no escape for you. Not even in spirit.

The stories in the ancient texts were for humanity to learn the lessons of life. They were not permissions for you to go back conflict/war, Chaos, Hate and death.

Even the common man shall suffer. Not only for their own sins but also for the sins of their sons and daughters. All of humanity is brother and sister to one another. So if a man within one religion goes off to murder for their religious leader and another man joins their own military in order to protect the innocent. One shall be responsible for the other, because they are brothers and sisters to eachother. Even though they each consider the other as an enemy they must kill.
This is not only for the Christian religion. It is for all. 
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