Thursday, October 9, 2014

Taken Choice: (Unedited): 07 Oct 2014:

By your own free choice, you have decided to live your chosen life in righteousness or evil. Because, of your chosen life you either shall be taken in that time or forgotten. This shall not be your choice.  
In the prophetic appointed time to come. Many will not be taken but they will also not be forgotten.
The saving of the spirit is more important than the saving of the body. 
By your words is not enough to be physically saved. By your declarations of righteousness and holiness will not be enough for you to be physically saved.
Your physical selection to be saved will solely be based on the level of contamination to your physical body. As defined by God and not by anyone else.
Your spiritual selection to be saved will solely be based on how you have exercised your free will to live your physical life in a righteous and holy manor. From your own logical free choice. All without fears, threats or intimidation's.
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