Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gifted Problem: I'Mpossible Gifted: (Unedited): 12 Oct 2014:

Being gifted is only a problem to those who are of an average mind set. So be not accepting or becoming the problem that an average minded person places upon you.
I'Mpossible Gifted: (Unedited): 12 Oct 2014:
To the average minded person. 
Everything which has not been done is impossible. 
To the gifted person.
They become the I'Mpossible to anything which is to be achieved. 
 It matters not how many average minded persons there are. Even if you are the only one. The collective minds of the average will demand average minded compliance from you. Which is an impossibility for you to become. For the gifted to become average means for you to become less than who you are and is self destructive. Do not fall into the average trap. To be like everyone else.
While the average minded people look to each other for acceptance and empowerment.
The gifted is forced to look up into and through the great beyond. The gifted looks deep within the core of their being to become self empowered and self motivated.

Be warned. The average minded person will cheer your success. They will rebuke you and accuse you during your failures. So just brush them off like dust on your work boots.
As inspired from my awesome Niece:
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