Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Impossible Sin: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2014:

It is impossible to have a peaceful and harmonious life surrounded by love. When everyone around you has accepted sins darkness as a rightful freedom. 
The arrogance and selfish pride which is expressed from those who rightfully believe they have a right to sin as they will it. God Himself as declared that humanity has free will as do many of the angels.  So on the surface all men and angels have the free right to do as they will.
There is a logical consequence to sin. Which shall embrace in the finality of death, Conflict, chaos and hatred. Those who sin hate much and express their hatred. Just look in the jails and prisons. For all of their sins.  They logically endure what they endure today. Those with STD diseases also endure what they do because of their free choice to sin.
This is a logical formula. Death= Hate + Chaos + Conflict.

It is really very simple. If all of humanity loved one another. There would be no wars. Period end of subject. By loving one another and treating each other as you love your brother or sister. Crime would become non-existent.
This is a logical formula. Life = Love + Harmony + Peace.
These 2 inversely related formulas are an absolute.

Just as in life. You must have a living egg and a living seed in order for life to continue. The question of when life begins is already answered when humans were created. That is when our lives began and not at conception or at birth or even 3-5 or more years after birth when some insane professors claim that humanity begins for a person to be officially real.

Even in the heavens there was war. The fallen angels lost that war rather quickly and have become imprisoned on this planet. All because of sin which grew within them.
 Even if you and your family are righteous and holy in the eyes of GOD. While everyone else around you were in sin. Because, of the absoluteness of the logical formulas. You and your family would not be able to live in peace, harmony or maintain your lives.  It is impossible to mix in any way the two logically inverse formulas. For a positive outcome.
Just read the news on Christian exterminations in the middle east today, Read about John the Baptist, Peter or the other disciples who died horribly. Then there was that innocent guy who walked this earth only to serve and save mankind. His name was Jesus. Read about his life.  

God also has the free will to do His own will. Which includes causing you to never even consider coming out of your self chosen sin. Once you have sinned to that specific degree as defined by God. He will cause you to become deaf, blind and unreasoning to the true words and meaning of the ancient holy texts. You will become fair use by those fallen angels on this planet and they will use you without you even being aware of it.
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