Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Demonic Nations: Demonic Darkness: Demonic Leaders: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2014:

Ye people of the demonic nations. Your cries and sufferings shall not be heard or acknowledged by God. For these curses you have brought onto yourselves and those curses shall be passed down onto your children. 
Demonic Darkness: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2014:
The demonic darkness comes like an unperceived great and violent storm. This coming demonic storm arrives by your invitation.
Demonic Leaders: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2014:
Ye human leaders of the demonic nations. You have sold everything which shall profit you much death and destruction. You believe and wrongly know the evil which has influenced the whole of the Earth as god's. Yes, they may be much greater than (you)we are now. But, as the creation of the "IAM" (you)we shall become greater than they. For this is why they desire (your)Humanity total extinction and you know it not. This is because the fallen ones have clouded your minds and now they control you. 
Your cries, your sufferings and your curse to GOD, Jehovah shall be ignored. God shall not save your from your own willful disobedience.Why should he? It was you who has freely chosen to accept sin as a rightful freedom. It was you who has chosen to be without righteousness and holiness as the old holy texts ascribed to live. You turned your back and refused the truth of divinity. So you shall suffer and lose all that which is important to you. As has been done in the historically documented past. When any country, land and people turn away from righteousness. What happens to them? They disappear with great afflictions of many kinds. So to does the USA.
It is you and it is we who has invited the great evil into our country. You, me and we have been greatly deceived into willingly and by our own free choice invite evil within. The evil is now here and it shall not leave until it's own will is complete. The will of those evil and fallen beings is nothing less than all of our extinction. What can you do and what will you do. They are about to manifest into our reality.
By allowing and inviting a little sin or evil into your life. You have actually invited them all in. You cannot invite just one evil or one sin and then think it's all there is. That sin and that evil takes ownership over you and enslaves you. You cannot get rid of them once you invite one in. Because the evil and the sin can define one as ONE LEGION.  Research the difficulties of exorcisms. 
The leaders need to know and become aware that these god's of old are so very powerful. Who can withstand their will? No man can. Even their human/angel offspring are so physically powerful. Who can fight them one on one? No man can.

All of the fallen ones will lose their power over any human. When those humans all begin to collectivity begin to love one another, live in peace, exist in harmony and respect all life. It is really that simple. When mankind begins to beat their swords into plow shares. All of the fallen ones plans shall be undone. The fallen ones will begin to see all that they have tried to do to humanity as a complete failure.

The leaders of the world today. Really need to see their war making plans as something which is to be used in a demonic fashion. What this means is. Every leader has a demonic controller or even many. These fallen ones are always listening to every thought and even injecting their own ideas into every leaders minds in just that same identical way as they each think. So you leaders, How do you know your thoughts are your own? Really.

The prophets of old in every culture and religion. Has foretold the coming extinction of humanity. Our human extinction is by our own hands which is under the active influence of those fallen demonic entities. In which virtually no one is even aware of it. You leaders of the world. How do you feel of being a puppet against your will and by your own will without even knowing it. This is how those fallen angels operate.
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