Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gratitude Glory: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2014:

Give all glory and gratitude for the breaking of the storm of demonic darkness for it is through your righteousness that God has protected and saved you. 
C.J. MacKechnie
You of and by your own free will have chosen to live your life in holiness and righteousness as God has defined it. All without any threats, fears or intimidation's. By your own reasoning you live a free life of goodness. Because, you live your life in love, in peace, in harmony God shall protect and save your essence.
Fear not anything and stand firm at the coming storm of demonic darkness. It shall not touch you. It shall pass around you. Remain in prayer and meditation to your Lord on High. Continue to love one another as you have learned even during the storms of life.
 Holiness and Righteousness does not come from any award given by man or even recognized by man. Having holiness and righteousness is not in the fine clothing you wear, the job you have, the cars you own or even a home to live in.
Holiness and righteousness comes only from God and to you through your divine connection to Him. This divine connection is based on the condition of your heart, mind and how you have freely chosen to live this life in which you were given. You automatically accept all that which is good and pure. While rejecting everything which is sinful and questionable.
There is much more to being righteous and holy. My note here only touches on the basic aspect.
Here in Florida bats are not bad. In this description I am using bats are bad. I like bats. They eat those pesky pests. There should be bat houses everywhere. Instead of yucky chemical spraying.
In your life there will always be those who desperately want to be righteous and holy. They even go as far as becoming members of your church or religion. Holiness and righteousness seems to always elude them for some unknown reason.
There is a great divine light within the righteous. Is light attracts everyone. Even the dark demonic entities which swoop in from time to time like bats. They do and shall pluck away those who are not divinely protected as you are. They shall be devoured.
You can see this from any wilderness camp fire. the insects and blood suckers are attracted to the light. Then out of nowhere the bats swoop in and their gone. Just know that while you attract the many. Only a few may respond and become divine lights themselves. The many you shall watch become stolen away.
Be sure you can discern the difference between those being stolen away, those who walk away and those who have been destined to continue on in missions. Mourn not the stolen for they have chosen their fate. Pray for those who walk away that they may heed their calling. Celebrate those who continue on in the missions with abundant joy.
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