Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Greatest Victories: (Unedited): 28 Oct 2014:

Do not celebrate your greatest challengers loss by accidental disqualification. Because, their disqualification may have prevented your greatest and most honorable of all victories.
Innocent and fluke accidents can happen. A simple misstep or a to quick of a jump out of pure excitement. When they do. Your pure victory or your ultimate test of your complete preparation is at stake. Especially when your number one challenger has prepared as you have. These kinds of disqualifications takes away a hard earned victory where all of your might, mind and spirit was could have been used. Yes, it will be true that you were victorious and that you won the contest. But, the worth and questions on who was the better will always be in your mind.
Never settle for cheap victories. Even if you lose. You still win in the long term knowing that you did all you could do and then some more. That you entered into the contest and exceeded your own expectations throughout the event. It even goes for your challengers who as well exceeded their own abilities. This is the purity of a complete honorable victory. Where all sides and all persons involved refuse to play dirty or cheat in any way.
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