Saturday, October 25, 2014

Foreboding Foretold: Freedom Died: (Unedited): 25 Oct 2014:

The foreboding dark prophecies comes quickly. To fast for all of the bad and sad prophecies come. For anyone to even remember that all that is coming was ever foretold. C.J.MacKechnie
All you had to do was love one another.
All you had to do was live in peace.
All you had to do was exist in harmony.
All you had to do was respect all life.
Humanity has failed.
 Now all will be lost just as those fallen angels have lost everything. Even today those angels know not their lack of free will. Their inability to repent or to even change their ways. So to will those who embrace the insanity of total freedom to sin.
Today, as of right now I do not want any more to do with prophecy. Of course I say that knowing full well that if God say otherwise, i shall comply.
The current new realizations in which I'm still trying to wrap my head around. Is how the media is used to create demonic messages from ancient gods of old. After all even the Bible says satan is in charge of this earth. Jesus, did not even argue the point of who is in charge. As to why? I may not be smart enough for that level of wisdom.
The fallen angels are in control of the world system. They are the creators and manipulators of it all. They control every aspect of worldly life. Which includes religions, cultures, societies, organizations, corporations, clubs and etc. They all have one singular thing in common. They exclude everyone who is not alike. Thus adding another level of human separation to all of humanity. By continually dividing the numbers of humanity. All of humanity can be more easily managed/controlled. Even to the point where a very small minority can overtake the majority in their right to practice freedom to sin.
The majority of good and reasonable people are naively trusting in the world system that their very religion warns them about.
A few of the very gods of old has returned and they freely name themselves. In due time the rest of those who enslaved humanity long ago shall once again identify themselves and exert their public authority over humanity.

Soon very soon. The whole of the world will see the failure of Christianity and Islam. i can be killed for saying this  and in another time i would have been. Maybe shall be still.
The religion of love and righteousness becomes a lie in the name of God.
The religion of Peace and Holiness becomes a lie in the Name of Allah.
What shall come of the religion of harmony and wisdom? Shall they accept as a right the freedom to sin as each individual person desires? If they do, then they to shall be known as liars and deceivers.

The falling away shall be in totality as the unnatural darkness which shall befall the Earth is from invited agreements. These luminaries shall only be lighted by the holy and righteous souls in which they consume. For their is no light within them save for those which are consumed.
The USA and other countries shall fall hard. Weapons systems shall fall into the hands of those who desperately thirst for revenge which may not be of their own experience.
Freedom Died: Unedited): 25 Oct 2014:
There shall be no law, no justice, as righteousness has already died in the land of the free. 
Added on 27 Oct 2014:
Studying, prayer, meditation and contemplation. I have done and continue to do.
What is baffling me is how God can imprison those fallen angels upon the planet in which his creation resides. Then allow another 200 fallen angels to also come here in humanities ancient. Then allow those very same fallen angels to enslave humanity and to contaminate our being. Even if it is just by simple observation. Which it was not by simple observation. Humanities genetic may be so contaminated that the purification process is mandatory and that the remnant to be save as has been prophesied may only be in genetic material. You have to define the word remnant and then who defines how the word is actually used? Then try to understand how the remnant is to be decided.
I do not know where it is. but, in the Bible if i remember correctly, The saved select will receive new bodies. What does that mean and what could it mean? Will the selected spirits be saved while only genetic material is to be gathered?
Note: Just tried to quickly look for the new body prophecy. i was unable to find it.
So, what hope is there for the living? Not very much at all. Only God knows for certain. The hope is in our individual spiritual survival. It may go well for those who live under spiritual control? then this leads to the question. Which spiritual control? Those who are controlled physically are completely back words. If this is confusing let me explain more
Typically, it is supposed to work this way. The spirit is in control of the mind. The logical side of the mind leads the emotional side of the mind. The mind controls the physical body. While in agreement the spirit, mind and body chooses to be holy and righteous as defined by God.
In the modern world which was most likely created by the 200 fallen angels and who will influence humanity to free the imprisoned and bound fallen angels, deep within the Earth, most likely unknowingly. Humanity seems to operate backwards. The physical body is dominant over the mind. The emotions lead the logical side of the mind and the spiritual being which is our true selves isn't even believe in or if it is, it's not even relevant.
I don't think anyone knows just how bad it is gonna get before final human extinction. This is what is very heavy on me right now. That our survival is and may only be in our spiritual being. Which is our true selves. The rapture may only be for our spiritual selves. 
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