Friday, October 24, 2014

Humanities Weakness: (Unedited): 24 Oct 2014:

The weakness of humanity can be seen in all of their created technology which dominates them. 
Who or what is in control of your life?
Being a consumer and a user does not necessarily mean that you have any control over your own life, your will, your thoughts and your psychology. Which all results in a predictable decision making process. Your actions and intentions all predicted. You are all slaves and know it not. Even the leaders of our world are all slave puppets. Yet, within their own inflamed pride and ego. They think and believe they have all of the power and authority.
Slaves can be happy slaves. So as long as they do as they are stressed and pressured into doing. Like mice in a maze. Who only wants the scrap of cheese. It is the builders of the maze and the ones who offer up the scraps as an ultimate reward for efforts.
The world leaders are just administrators controlled in which is not conceptualized by the whole of humanity.  We are all controlled through our base human animalistic functions. The Earth is a hard place in which to live. We were not placed here by our own free choice. It was our ancestors sins which brought us here. We all instinctively want to return back to  that which our ancestors came from. But, we cannot. So we endeavor to create ease and comfort for ourselves.
We are still yet easily controlled by those fallen ones. Who cause us to think and feel like animals. In which we really are. Keeping us stuck in that primal mindset keeps all of us individually and collectively from evolving. AND that my friends is the intentions of the fallen ones. To keep us from evolving. The more we evolve the more we can become greater than those who are the fallen. This is just a glimpse of the fallen ones plan. Keep us from evolving while planning our own demise by our own hands. Through demonically inspired technologies.
Anything we make by our own hands and it matters not by whose will it is done by. If it or they create death, destruction, then it is from the demonic fallen angels, space aliens or how ever you name them.
The demonic logical formula is Death, War/Conflict, Chaos and Hate. Hate is the most powerful of the demonic formula. From hate begets the defined enemy in which must be destroyed for survival or profit.
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